Game and Fish Department gives some advice on fishing in the heat of summer


CASPER, Wyo. (Wyoming News Now) – With rising temperatures, some anglers in Wyoming may be struggling to catch fish as usual. This is because many Wyoming fish like trout are used to cold water. The increase in temperature makes it difficult for these types of fish to absorb oxygen. There are fish in Wyoming that are more used to warm weather and thrive in the environment. Some of these types of fish include bass, edge, and catfish.

When it comes to catching things like trout and kokanee, you may need to stick to rivers, the waters of which remain cooler in the summer, or dive deeper into lakes and reservoirs. The department also recommends that anglers go fishing earlier in the morning as this is often the coolest time of the day.

“First, fish early in the morning, that’s when the water temperature is coolest, but watch that temperature as the day goes on and if the temperature starts to approach 70 degrees , we don’t recommend continuing to catch a trout for release,” Matt said. Hahn, regional fisheries supervisor for the Casper area.

It can be very harmful to catch and release trout in warm waters as it can be very difficult for them to obtain oxygen at high temperatures. The ministry says it’s okay to continue catching trout in warm waters if you plan to eat them instead of releasing them again.

So when you’re fishing this summer in record heat, you may need to try different strategies than usual to get the best results. This includes going to new places, going at different times, and even catching totally different fish than you normally would.

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