Fishing pier at Storms Creek near Moulton’s Field


IRONTON, Ohio. (WSAZ) – In 2021, the city of Ironton focused on improving its municipal parks. Ralph Kline with Ironton In Bloom says they’re always looking to see where things can be improved.

“We’re sort of watching where people go naturally,” Kline said.

On Thursday he was standing along Storms Creek across from Moulton’s Field with Mayor Sam Cramblit. Both were beaming with pride at the latest improvement that has seen the light of day.

“It’s not something a group can do on their own. But we were able to accomplish this together, ”said Mayor Cramblit.

Ironton in Bloom led a project to build a handicapped accessible fishing pier along Storms Creek. Several other groups were also involved.

“People used to come here to fish and a lot of times it was old people and it just wasn’t the best place to go to fish,” Kline said.

Now that the new jetty is complete, accessing the creek will no longer be a problem. They built a ramp accessible to people with disabilities, with new parking spaces for visitors.

“It’s all part of improving our quality of life here in the city and our continued goal of improving our parks and recreation,” said Mayor Cramblit.

Efforts to improve this area along the creek are not yet complete. The next step is to build a boat launch for kayaks and canoes right next to the new jetty. It will connect Moulton’s Field park to the riverside, where the mayor says they have all kinds of growth potential.

“Being able to connect people through kayaks, travel, tourism and boating is exciting to start to see the pieces fall,” said Mayor Cramblit.

“It changes a whole outlook on cities big and small and where people want to live. Some are looking for small towns as places to live, ”Kline said.

Kline says they hope the kayak and canoe launch ramp will be completed by the end of spring.

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