Fishing in the San Antonio River is a real pleasure


SAN ANTONIO – Bass, catfish, crappie and bluegill are just a few of the fish caught in the San Antonio River north and south of downtown.

Some anglers have even caught big fish in the heart of the famous River Walk itself.

Hoping to avoid unfortunate encounters between fishermen and other visitors to the river, KSAT turned to the San Antonio River Authority (SARA) for advice on best practices in urban fishing.

Mike Gramley, with SARA, spends his days promoting spots like Lake Davis, a large SA River spot formed by the Espada Dam on the Mission stretch of the river.

The park area, south of downtown, includes picnic tables, trails, and riverside docks that are custom designed for fishing.

Gramley says, “That’s one of the things I hear a lot when I bring bands in here. Mike, I didn’t know it was here. And I was like, well, it’s here and it’s for you. Go out and enjoy it.

He says another spot that draws fishermen to the San Antonio River is just north of downtown, along the River’s Museum Reach.

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KSAT connected with fishermen who caught a sizable largemouth bass in the area.

Kayak fisherman Clint Hopkins says he caught a large bass in the middle of downtown, but it happened in December 2020, in the midst of a pandemic.

The river authority asks kayak fishermen, in particular, to plan ahead.

“You really are not able to put your kayak downtown. Mission Adventure tours offer the possibility of renting kayaks. And they do kayaks there in the morning, but it’s very structured. And even if you are going to bring your own kayak, you still have to pay a fee to enter it. And they have to get out at a certain time because there is barge traffic in that area, ”Gramley explained.

He reminds all river fishermen to be courteous to others, to have a valid fishing license and to leave no trace of your activity while cleaning your area.

More importantly, the river authority asks fishermen to comply with the guidelines of the park police.

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