Far Cry 6’s fishing line ingredients prove Ubisoft has a manufacturing problem


Far Cry 6’s crafting mechanic feels uninspired and arbitrary, using materials found to perform upgrades rather than relying on hunting like previous games.

Crafting has been a major component of many previous Ubisoft titles and Far cry 6 is no exception, although its manufacturing system leaves a lot to be desired, especially when it comes to the suspension of disbelief. Mods for weapons, vehicle, Supremo, and a few player tools can be crafted in any Solve Workshop found in all three camps which will unlock with progression. To craft the mods themselves, players will need to have collected a few different materials which can feel quite arbitrary as they are used.

The island of Yara is isolated, which means that modernized equipment and weaponry are difficult to find and only easily accessible to the oppressive regime led by Antón Castillo. Guerrilla forces must upgrade their obsolete tools with materials collected on the island from their home bases, giving a legitimate reason behind the crafting system used in Far cry 6. Logical failures only become apparent when players begin to assemble their mods.


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As FUMBLING_TITAN pointed out in a post on Reddit, upgrading their fishing line would require three units of gunpowder and three industrial circuits, which sounds more than ridiculous. When crafting boils down to simply upgrading a weapon or tool because it’s no longer effective enough in new areas, forcing players to apply an arbitrary quick fix to make it stronger, crafting starts to fade. feel rather uninspired. If the craft is also narrative or ridiculous in general, it can also leave the experience with an unpleasant aftertaste. The craft must allow the player to feel that he has given himself a tactical advantage while remaining logical.

Far Cry 6’s craft is a different kind of nonsense compared to other games

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Fallout 4 has a crafting system that allows for the creation of inventive mods and awesome builds like a huge post-apocalyptic skyscraper. This system also requires players to perform all of their mod creations on designated benches found in unlocked settlements, although unwanted players collecting for crafting have a lot more variety, with 31 different base materials all of which can be found. in the world into several forms to be broken down. This system also has its flaws, but the diversity of materials adds a sense of realism to the manufacturing, if nothing else, as opposed to the nine very particular materials used in Far Cry 6, which can lead to absolutely ridiculous recipes.

Dragon Age: Inquisition has the alternative problem of having a crafting system that is both too simple and too powerful. Using just three materials, with different levels for each, players can frequently optimize their gear. This often results in most of the loot discovered and dropped items becoming obsolete almost immediately. Far cry 6 the problems are different in comparison, but still make little mechanical or narrative sense.

Far cry 6 and its crafting system builds on some of the worst qualities of its predecessors, as Ubisoft is no stranger to arbitrary crafting ingredients. Most of the previous titles in the Far cry franchise exclusively used hunting for their materials. It might not have been something all gamers enjoyed, but it at least gave the fiction some meaning. Far cry 6 The system isn’t much better or worse overall, but its limited palette from which players have to build their artifacts makes it a bit absurd – and maybe just a bit cheap.

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