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Red faces walking alpacas. Grade 3 learners demonstrating perfect posture while archery. The toddlers were sitting in crisscrossed applesauce in a lush garden with their hands held high, ready to ask questions. Teachers with their sleeves rolled up with an itinerary in hand. This is what a school day looks like for a connected community in the UK, where changes are made frequently to ensure that every learner ends their inspired day.

“Our dedicated teachers are committed to more than just helping our students reach their academic potential, they are also passionate about developing their character, encouraging them to achieve their goals and grow into confident and accomplished adults,” says Gareth. Pearson.

This school believes that while academic excellence contributes to successful college / university enrollment, extracurricular activities prepare students for a successful life. Source: Christ College Brecon

The education Pearson speaks of can only be obtained in a school full of personality. The school he runs, Christ College Brecon, has a student experience to prove it – the kind you have to see to believe. It occupies a beautiful site on the outskirts of Brecon – a small, safe market town in the Brecon Beacons National Park. Spanning 40 acres, there is plenty to do. However, a simple glimpse will prove that an adventure of a lifetime awaits.

Christ College Brecon’s weekly timetable has been structured to provide an exploratory journey for 370 learners aged seven to 18. They believe that while academic excellence contributes to successful college and university enrollment, extracurricular activities prepare students to thrive in life. A healthy balance between the two accelerates physical, spiritual, social and moral development.

In light of a rapidly changing world, a distinctive brand, “Adventure Days”, will now appeal to each grade group, providing all students with a mix of adrenaline-fueled outdoor activities such as l mountaineering, rock climbing, paddle sports and trail running. Supervised excursions like these often make your heart beat faster while creative art sessions – such as music production, cooking, action photography, robotics, and video game development – give learners insight of their potential future.

These extracurricular activities are explored on Saturdays, leaving the weekdays primarily focused on academic classes. In the past, these sessions were reserved for sixth grade students as part of the school’s Curriculum of Life program. However, since the new school year, the Saturday program is now open to the entire community, including parents keen to document matches and performances.

Christ Brecon College

Despite centuries of experience, changes will always be welcome at Christ College Brecon to ensure that young learners and young adults develop the character and confidence they will need to lead successful lives. Source: Christ College London

Since enrichment options abound, students are never forced to choose just one. One student enthuses: “I can’t wait to see how much I am progressing this term, but I love being able to try new skills every week. I already feel stronger!

The structural change was inspired by the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. Several research organizations have confirmed that some children have regressed in reading and writing. Others have lost the stamina they once boasted about. Most have become too attached to their screens. Christ College Brecon is determined to reverse these negative results.

“The past year has not been easy for many school-aged children, but we believe that combining academic lessons and a rich extracurricular program with plenty of opportunities to experience the outdoors or try a new hobby. time or a new skill is a great way to help develop a young person and give him the best start in life, ”says Simon Hill, associate director (pastoral) of Christ College Brecon.

Despite centuries of experience, it is clear that changes will always be welcome at Christ College to ensure that young learners and young adults develop character and confidence. The mixed day and boarding school were founded by Henry VIII in 1541. Today, the brilliance of his methods remains evident through the achievements of his students.

Over the past three years, 47% of grades were A * or A for A-level students, and nine to seven (AA *) for 46% of GCSE students – placing Christ College Brecon among the top performing schools in the Country of Wales. These achievements are ensured by small classrooms hosted by an expert faculty that covers the basics: creative arts, humanities, math, computer science, science, English, learning skills, and modern languages.

To learn more about how this vibrant school makes full use of its beautiful surroundings and endless resources, click here.

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