Cottontown luxury sits on 53 acres of fishing ponds, trails


The baseball field is quiet and no one is paddling or jet skiing on the private 6-acre lake now that the kids have grown up and moved away, so Scott Jordan and his wife are selling the Cottontown estate they’ve owned for 2003.

They will take their memories with them, but the fishing ponds, the rolling fields and woods, and the barn they painted red for their daughter will be there for the next owner.

There will also be the 9,299 square foot home at the heart of the nearly 53 acre sanctuary they call Flip Flop Farms. The North Sumner County property at 204 Lee Road is on the market for $4,499,000.

“The house was built on top of the hill for maximum views of ponds, trees and wildlife. Flip Flop Farms is rich with squirrels, deer, raccoons and even has a fox den. We have lots of red-tailed hawks (and) owls, and bald eagles are fishing here too,” said Jordan, a prominent Sumner County physician.

The grand piano sits next to a cozy fireplace.
The kitchen is open to a living room with a stone fireplace.

The four-bedroom, 6½-bathroom home was built in 2015. It sits next to the pool and trails where visiting triathletes trained with Jordan, who competes in 100-mile ultramarathon runs, said realtor Kim Fennell, co-owner Main Street Realty with John Lott.

There are also secluded spots to enjoy some quiet time, such as the orchard filled with pear, peach, and fig trees. Or sit under one of the 200 hardwood trees planted by Jordan and his family, Fennell said.

“Each tree was planted in a particular way. It’s quite romantic, this place,” she says.

The new owner could use the property as a private residence, corporate retreat or event center. The property is about a half-hour drive from downtown Nashville and isn’t far from a new Publix grocery store at the White House, Fennell said.

The Jordan family has opened for special events over the years. The lake is particularly popular.

“It’s perfect for parties, paddle boarding, fishing and is big enough to enjoy your jet skis. It is bordered by a white sand beach that has hosted many weddings and events and is ideal for pretending to be at the beach in Nashville,” said Jordan.

The property is listed for sale as a farm, so it’s no surprise that it includes a fenced yard with a feed shed and a chicken coop built by Amish craftsmen. The chicken coop is covered to protect against raptors and foxes that share the property.

The horse pasture has two ponds as well as a divided aluminum stable so the five pygmy goats that live on the farm also have shelter, Jordan said.

He has had two more ponds installed near the driveway and keeps them stocked with bass, edges and catfish.

“Professional anglers are always asking to come and fish these ponds,” Jordan said.

Visitors entering through the door immediately see the large red barn with its horse boxes and hayloft.

“The barn is red because our daughter had a favorite book called ‘The Big Red Barn’ and when we first brought her to the farm when she was 3 years old, she cried because the barn wasn’t red. It’s been red ever since,” he said.

Now that they’re selling Flip Flop Farms, the Jordans hope a new owner gets the chance to make memories like this.


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