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The Tyler County Commission met on Tuesday, December 14, 2021 at 9:00 a.m. in the chambers of the Middlebourne Courthouse. The meeting began with the Oath of Allegiance, led by Commissioner Mike Smith, and the prayer led by Commissioner Eric Vincent. The Commissioners then approved the minutes of the November 30, 2021 meeting, followed by the approval of the fiduciary report by Neil A Archer II. There were no exemptions.

First on the agenda was Randy Rutherford, representing Sistersville City Council, asking $ 11,056 for the purchase of two custom-built boat docks. Mr. Rutherford went on to explain that last year the town of Sistersville invested approximately $ 13,000 to install five boat docks. The newly installed boat docks have accommodated nine boats for the 2021 boating season. All boat owners for the 2021 season plan to return for the 2022 boating season.

The new boat docks are needed to accommodate at least four additional boats waiting in the space for the 2022 boating season. In addition, the additional docks will provide captains of public boats with a safe access area for them. embark with their crew. This will eliminate boarding attempts from the slippery bricks of the Charles Street launch landing pad. The Commissioners took the request under advisement and will put it on the agenda for the December 29 meeting for a decision.

Josh Fulks, director of E-911, approached the commissioners for several requests for approval. The first was the purchase of the Central Square Field Ops app for the Tyler County Sheriff’s Office. This app will provide iPhone access notification for all calls to the sheriff’s department. The Commissioners approved the request at a cost of $ 360.00. Josh then sought approval from ERB Electric to perform additional electrical work at the new E-911 center. Josh explained that four additional electrical outlets were needed, as well as two lights, all in the same room. The commissioners requested that a change order be submitted by ERB Electric indicating the new cost of the additional electrical work. Additionally, Josh sought approval to purchase S2 orders for the Magistrate’s Office, E-911 Center, Sheriff’s Office, and the Courthouse. This is a piece of equipment that allows all the key rings and doors of the facilities to be controlled. Miller Communication’s cost was $ 60,916.25. The commissioners approved the purchase. Finally, Josh requested the purchase of a server for the E-911 Center as well as a Dell backup server at a cost of $ 32,042.95. A server is a system designed specifically to meet a demand on a network of computers and facilitate the sharing of resources. The commissioners approved the purchase.

Commission Chairman Mike Smith then asked the commissioners to approve the appointment of Bobbin Pardine to the Tyler County Development Authority for the town of Friendly. The commissioners approved the appointment. President Smith then requested that the date of the next county committee meeting be changed from Tuesday, December 28, to Wednesday, December 29. The commissioners approved the change.

Commission Vice-President Eric Vincent then discussed the public holiday calendar for December 23 and 30. Currently these are provided as half days off for all state employees by Governor Jim Justice. The half-days of rest are likely to be transformed into full days according to the final decision of the governor. The commissioners agreed to follow the governor’s proposal. Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve are scheduled holidays.

Under public comment, Steve Thomas, representing Friendly City Council, presented Commissioners with a request for funds for the Town of Friendly. Mr. Thomas asked for $ 3,521 for electrical upgrades, $ 13,938 for the Locust Street storm drain, $ 7,408 for the repair of a storm drain at the mail barn, $ 25,000 for an electrical sign , $ 15,000 for the gazebo for a shelter and landscaping, $ 10,000 for street and gravel repairs, and $ 42,000 for the construction of a veterans park, shelter, Flag poles of the armed forces and a monument. As Mr. Thomas was not on the agenda, this list of items was presented to the Commissioners for consideration at a future meeting.

Following approval to pay the bills, the meeting was adjourned. The next scheduled meeting of the Tyler County Commission is Wednesday, Dec. 29 at 9 a.m. in the courthouse room.


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