Colorado boaters feel the wake of high gas prices


CHATFIELD STATE RESERVOIR, Colo. (KDVR) – Ship traffic at the Chatfield State Reservoir has not slowed despite rising gas prices across the country. Boaters tell FOX31 they are just changing their ways on the lake to accommodate.

“I just stay at the marina and party at the dock because it’s too expensive to go out,” said Mitch McGaughey, who has been sailing at CSR for six years.

This year alone, McGaughey was able to secure a berth on the Chatfield Marina dock. He said he’s been waiting years for a berth there, but with rising fuel prices, that’s exactly where his barge will stay.

McGaughey said recently that it cost him $250 to fill his boat.

“Before, I could fill the boat for like $100 to $110,” McGaughey said.

He’s not the only one feeling the pinch.

“I put $500 in this and it barely moved my needle,” said Keith Lukovsky, a boater at CSR.

Lukovsky said he hopes prices will come down over the next few months and that he will keep an eye on how much fuel he uses on the water.

“I put in enough gas to last a few months. So hopefully the prices will come down before the next time I have to fill up,” Lukovsky said.

At Chatfield Marina, where the boats are moored, manager Jacqueline Wilson told FOX31 that traffic hasn’t slowed down.

“It hasn’t had as much of an impact on our business as it has on our clients’ wallets,” Wilson said.

Wilson said there were concerns as prices continued to soar, not just for him, but for all industries.

“I think every business is concerned about the impact of gas prices on their business,” Wilson said.

She said prices at the marina have gone up like everywhere else.

“Spending time in anchored no-wake zones is always a great way to be on the water,” Wilson recommended.

To avoid having to use fuel, people can also paddleboard, fish or take advantage of the swimming beach to beat the heat in Chatfield.


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