City of NSW offers $397m vision for WestInvest


37 projects, valued at a combined $397 million, have been proposed by Penrith City Council for the New South Wales government’s $5 billion WestInvest scheme, to deliver projects consulted by the community and the long-term vision of the city.

The list of projects includes an indoor multi-sports stadium at Claremont Meadows ($106 million), a city park and entertainment district for St Mary’s ($21 million) and the Weir Reserve Rowing and Paddle Sports Precinct ($34.7 million). of dollars).

Mayor of Penrith City Council, Tricia Hitchen, said the proposed projects are based on identified council strategies, developed through extensive consultation with community members and designed to meet the long-term needs and objectives of the city.

“The council estimates that by 2036 the population of our Local Government Area (LGA) will grow by a further 70,000 which means now is the time to improve our community facilities and build additional infrastructure to to keep pace with this growth and to ensure that Penrith continues to be the best place to live, work and play,” said Mayor Hitchen.

“The plans we have identified as priority projects complement existing work and reflect the vision we have for the City.

“Many of these projects are part of our Sports and Recreation Strategy, a 15-year roadmap to improve sports, play, leisure and open space facilities in our city, while others are part of into the council’s Green Network Strategy, which ensures we create cool, green spaces and connect them to active transport links.

Proposed plans

On the wish list are several projects from Penrith’s Green Grid strategy, including the $2.8 million construction of a new shared walking and cycling path and the planting of trees on Debrincat Avenue, North St Marys at Glossop Street – to provide a vital link connecting residents to schools, shops and transport.

Council is also prioritizing a municipal park and entertainment canopy in the heart of St Marys as a vibrant space to meet and relax. This will boost the local economy and align with other upcoming city-shaping projects in the eastern city centre, such as the rail link between Sydney Metro and Western Sydney Airport, which will will start at St Marys.

Plans for a multi-court indoor sports stadium will build on the development of the Gipps Street Recreational Precinct to bring a universally designed facility to the community, which will include ten multi-sport courts and various features to suit a range of sporting codes, with the idea of ​​hosting local, regional, state and even national sporting events.

In Penrith, the council will build a new rowing and paddle sports complex to provide more sports and recreation opportunities along the Nepean River. The master plan will include boathouses and activate the riverfront by connecting the public to the water through local rowing, canoeing, kayaking, dragon boating and outrigger clubs.

The Council’s planned $4.6 million Cumberland Plain Nursery and Flats Improvement Project is expected to increase crop production to support new and existing programs to green the city.

“Through extensive community consultation and planning, Council has heard the needs of residents and is clear on how we can improve quality of life and create a more connected, sustainable, accessible and enjoyable city to serve current and future generations,” said Mayor Hitchen.

“We welcome the opportunity to accelerate the delivery of these ambitious projects and hope that the NSW Government shares our vision for Penrith.”

Other wishlist projects include amenity buildings in various locations across the city, 21 play space upgrades worth $6 million, and citywide accessible bus shelters, expected to cost $8 million.


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