Celebration of migratory birds returns with kayak tours, photography lessons and birdwatching


According to a recent New York Times report, Republican U.S. Representative Kevin McCarthy planned to tell President Donald Trump to step down within days of the Jan. 6 attack. Editorial Director of The Advocate Stephanie Grace tells us how it might impact the rest of the Republican Party.

A rail line from Baton Rouge to New Orleans has long been a pipe dream in Louisiana, but now it could become a reality. The Gulf States Newsroom Stephan Bisaha tells us about Governor John Bel Edwards’ recent train journey and plans to develop rail lines.

Today is Earth Day, and this weekend there are events across Louisiana designed to help clean up our planet and protect our species. Considered by Louisiana Alana Schreiber spoke to the Nature Conservancy program manager, John Landry, to find out more about one of these events: the annual meeting Celebration of migratory birds on the Big Island.

French Quarter Fest is back this weekend. Times-Picayune Food and Food Journalist Ian McNulty tells us about the food that will be on display throughout the festival on Where Ya Eat.

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