Candela’s Flying Electric Craft will spearhead sustainable navigation on the French Riviera


The ultra-efficient foiling Candela C-8 is the first electric daycruiser that offers both long range and high speed. After selling more than 100 units in the United States and Europe, Candela is now entering the French market thanks to an exclusive partnership with the leading retailer of pleasure boats South-Plaisance. Candela C-8 will make its French debut at the prestigious Cannes Yachting Festival – with the aim of changing yachting for the better on the French Riviera.

“We are building an electric boat that does not compete with ICE motorboats; it’s vastly better. I think that’s what it takes to accelerate the transition to sustainable shipping,” says Gustav Hasselskog, CEO and Founder of Candela.

From Saint-Tropez to Monaco, speedboats are an integral part of the culture of the Côte d’Azur, but they also emit tons of C02. Conventional V-hull speedboats 8 meters in size use 15 times more fuel per kilometer than the average family car, and their engines are among the least regulated combustion engines on the planet, spitting out particulates not retained by catalytic converters and other exhaust gas control devices that for decades have been mandatory on land vehicles.

Other disadvantages of conventional motorboats are the high cost of refueling, high noise and, for those prone to seasickness, the constant slapping of waves at high speeds.
All of that is about to change for the better.

Walk in Candela C-8the first electric daycruiser with foils in the world, which arrives on the Côte d’Azur thanks to an exclusive partnership with Sud Plaisance, the leading retailer of high-end pleasure boats.

Hailed by Forbes as the Tesla of the seas, the C-8 was developed by Swedish marine technology company Candela and uses computer-guided hydrofoils to “fly” above the surface of the water. The foils make the C-8 around 400% more efficient than conventional powerboats thanks to significantly reduced friction. At 20 knots, the Candela C-8 uses only around 25 hp of power, allowing its lithium-ion battery to last more than 2 hours of cruising, or around 50 nautical miles of range – more than two times the endurance of any other electric outboard on the market.

The revolutionary electric range allows the Candela C-8 to cruise at high speed, for example, from Cannes to Monaco and back, on a single charge from its battery – a feat no other electric boat can accomplish.

Being 95% cheaper to drive than conventional powerboats, the foiling C-8 is also completely silent and requires no maintenance of its Candela C-POD transmission.

And once on foilborne, the C-8 has entirely new advantages over conventional ships. In flight, the Candela’s onboard flight controller computer automatically regulates the hydrofoils’ angle of attack 100 times per second to account for wind, waves and varying loads. The result is an automatically stable craft that won’t flap, roll or pitch in the waves.

“Our goal with C-8 was not just to build the best electric boat, but to make a boat that is much better than today’s powerboats. To eliminate all the drawbacks and provide a much better experience. S associating with Sud Plaisance, the leading retailer of pleasure boats on the French coast, is a very good match,” says Gustav Hasselskog, founder and CEO of Candela.

Candela is betting big on the French market, where the C-8s will be on display in the Candela/Sud Plaisance showrooms in Cannes from autumn 2022. Commercial contacts can be organized in Mandelieu la Napoule as well as at Golf Juan Marina. C-8’s French debut will take place at the Cannes Yachting Festival in September 2022, one of the most prestigious boat shows in the world.

“Candela is the boat that I had hoped to offer our customers for years: fast, elegant and with the electric autonomy necessary for our waters. Sud Plaisance is committed to providing the most exquisite experience in harmony with our environment. the C-8 is now available for orders and we can’t wait to exhibit it at the Cannes boat show,” says Bruno Delahaye, founder and CEO of Sud Plaisance.


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