Boxing Fans Criticize ‘Absolute Idiot’ Mairis Briedis For Trying To Please Jake Paul With Mario Cosplay


Jake Paul is one of the most debatable boxing biggies of recent times. He followed his path to success very quickly and many pro-boxers and champions are looking to go head-to-head with him. Speaking of professional boxers and champions, one name that has stood out among them all is IBF heavyweight king Mairis Briedis who desperately wanted to fight Paul.


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Briedis recently appeared for Lawrence Okolie’s fight against Michal Cieslak. Here, he donned the Mario costume to attract the attention of “The Problem Child.” In return, he ended up facing strong reactions from boxing fans on Twitter.

“I haven’t seen a guy run after a payday so desperately since Haye ambushed Wald on the escalators all those years ago.” a boxing fan added.


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A fan wrote, “I think the problem is, as his fight with Usyk proved, he could beat Jake Paul – really – with one arm. That’s why, no matter how good those stunts are, it’s not going to happen.”

Absolute idiot” added Nick Ronan.

Another fan added, “Tony is like what you do”.

“Anyone who says awkward in the comments probably enjoyed the fury of dressing up as Batman vs. wlad”, a Twitter user added.

Dwayne Pipe wrote: “He’s actually quite funny but Jake isn’t going to fight you.”

“This guy, a walking L., gets embarrassed trying to chase Jake Paul’s fight and he got a tattoo.” a fan mocked Briedis.

Colin Clyne claimed, “‘Mario’ is getting hot on Paul… he’s about 2 paces away from stealing his food and knocking him off his paddle board!”.

Another Twitter account added, “He shakes up the millions”

Just like the tweets above, many other fans poured their reactions on Briedis’ costume.

Mairis Briedis even got a Jake Paul tattoo

This isn’t the first time Mairis Briedis has done something to get Jake Paul’s attention.


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In January of this year, he got a Jake Paul tattoo and called him out for a fight. Moreover, the champion even posted a video of the same on his Instagram handle, drawing many reactions.

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‘The Problem Child’, however, doesn’t really seem interested in fighting the heavyweight champion. Regardless, Briedis is getting the attention of “The Problem Child.”

What do you think of the heavyweight champ’s Mario costume?

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