Boaters and dog rescued off Oregon coast, coast guard says


Three boaters and a dog were stranded in a life raft dozens of miles off the Oregon coast, rescuers said.

U.S. Coast Guard officials found two men, a woman and a dog floating in a life raft on Sunday after their fishing boat sank 45 miles from Lincoln City.

Boaters sent a distress signal to the Coast Guard around 2 p.m. after the fishing vessel “Royal” began to sink, the Coast Guard said Monday.

The Coast Guard sent a rescue team in a helicopter to help boaters. About two hours later, rescuers found them about 6 miles from where the distress signal was transmitted, officials said.

“A lifeguard swimmer was deployed in a free fall and began to retrieve the survivors,” the Coast Guard said in a press release. “The lifeguard swimmer helped the individuals and the dog safely into the helicopter cabin. The last survivor was hoisted up at 4.30 p.m.

All the people were in stable condition and did not require medical attention. Authorities took the boaters and the dog to the home of waiting friends and family at Air Facility Newport.

“They acted quickly and had the necessary equipment to survive an emergency like this,” Lt. Robert Pfaff, pilot and captain of the rescue, said in the statement. “Their preparation and preparation for the worst-case scenario saved their lives. “

Maddie Capron is a McClatchy real-time reporter focused on the outdoors and wildlife in the Western United States.


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