Big deal that Stephon Gilmore is gone, but not worthy of outrage


Let’s see, where will we put Stephon Gilmore’s exit on the Belichickian Stunners roster?

I say the first cut is the deepest, so Avocado Milloy remains No. 1. Then Logan Mankins in 2014. I have to go with Richard Seymour, treated just before the next 2009 season. Then Deion Branch in 2006, in a “cut your nose to annoy your face” movement. Randy Moss in 2010. Jamie Collins in 2016. And then, to bring up the rear, Gilmore.

Maybe it’s because I’ve seen this movie so many times that I’m no longer surprised by the scars of the jump. My phone started making the bamboo bong noise at 7:58 am. When I picked it up and saw the texts read, “Pats freed Gilmore” staring at me, my reaction was not a sigh but a sigh.

Patriots and other NFL players react to Stephon Gilmore’s release

Because – like all of these other moves – when you look at the dynamics around the player, the likelihood of them being outside looks you straight in the face. In Gilmore’s case, the factors are quite high.

He performs a shadow-hold-out. He is 31 years old. He never went to the field at training camp to show how well his surgically repaired quad has healed. It has a cap of over $ 16 million. He has a salary of $ 7 million. The Patriots only have $ 54,000 under the cap and want to sign Jamie Collins, apparently. In the 11 games he played last season, he wasn’t near the corner he was in 2019 when he was the DPOY. And as awesome as he was in 2019, he wrapped up that regular season getting devoured by Ryan Fitzpatrick and DeVante Parker in a game up for grabs.

The Patriots, in the first four weeks of the year, learned they don’t go up Poop’s Creek without a high school paddle without Steph.

Meanwhile, Gilmore had steered his situation as favorably as he could. No one wants quad surgery. But the injury landed Gilmore on the PUP list. And when it was time to go out, he could have played it slowly for three more weeks. He could have come back after that deadline expired, earned around $ 1 million per game, earned credit for the season, and became a free agent.

I get the outrage I see and hear about the lack of return the Patriots are potentially going to get. Getting something is better than nothing.

If the Patriots had dealt with him by the deadline last year, they would’ve gotten something. They do not have. As it stands, Gilmore will have played five games past the 2020 trade deadline, all at a lower level than Stepph’s and for a generous pay rate as the team gave him a raise for the year. last.

We cannot be taken out of context on the analysis.

Gilmore is holding on. The Patriots are flush with the cap and the player with the bigger cap number is not playing for them. Meanwhile, teams aren’t lining up to give trade compensation as they understand Gilmore is going to cost $ 1 million per game. And he was injured. And he’s 31 years old. And he wants a new contract with the new team and if he doesn’t get it, he will move on to the next team.

So TOTAL AND COMPLETE MISMANAGEMENT OF ASSETS is not right, in my opinion. When the Patriots chose to keep Gilmore last October, they couldn’t foresee an ATV injury that confused the issue. This injury, strangely, created leverage for Gilmore.

So the end is not ideal. But the Patriots got a Super Bowl seal pick from Gilmore and a DPOY season (as it was).

I have the impression that it is more “it’s life” than an outrage. Maybe you feel the same now. However, I don’t expect that feeling to endure as he signs with Tampa for minimum veteran.

Going back to the start of this column, however, if you look at all of those moves and a few more – Mike Vrabel, Jimmy Garoppolo, Chandler Jones, Cam Newton among them – the only times the Patriots executed direct outs were Milloy, Newton and now, potentially, Gilmore.

In the case of the other two, the team had Rodney Harrison and Mac Jones as successors. Who succeeds Gilmore? Obviously, JC Jackson. So, to be expected, Jackson is held back when he becomes a free agent after the season. If not and there is no other imported foreground corner? It would be bad management of a post. Or miscalculation. Or both.

So, as always, stay tuned.

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