Bengaluru Rains Viral Posts Kayaking Submarine Jet Ski Cruise Netizens Share Funny Suggestions


After heavy rains wreaked havoc in Bengaluru on Sunday and Monday evening and there was still no respite for the city’s residents, Twitter users suggested submarines and jet skis for reach their destinations. It was reported that employees had to take tractor rides to reach their destinations on Mondays and Tuesdays.

With no relief after three days when the water in submerged streets had not receded, Twitter users posted memes suggesting taking Uber boats, jet skis and submarines to travel around the city.

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Meanwhile, in a tweet, the ANI news agency said: “School children cross a submerged bridge on a JCB machine in Guledagudda town, Bagalkote district. The bridge was submerged due to a overflowing channel. The JCB machine was owned by a local resident”.

Karnataka CM Basavaraj Bommai on Tuesday alleged that the bottleneck was due to the poor administration of the previous Congress regime. He claimed that the ruling BJP government had allocated Rs 1,500 crore for water drainage in the city and another Rs 300 crore had been granted to remove encroachments.

CM Bommai pointed out that the problem is in two areas and particularly in Mahadevpura where 69 reservoirs are there and all of them are overflowing. He also said the establishments were in low-lying areas and the third issue he reported was encroachment.

Asked about the drinking water supply in Bengaluru, CM Bommai said that rainwater had affected two water pumping stations in Mandya district and water had been withdrawn from the first pumping station and that the supply would start soon. The other pump station should be cleared by today afternoon. Meanwhile, water must be supplied by tankers and boreholes, he said.


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