Beaufort Co. moves forward with project to improve the lives of boaters


BEAUFORT COUNTY, SC (WTOC) – Beaufort County is moving forward on a decade-long project it hopes to start soon.

Beaufort County is 38% water with 26 boat docks like this one here in Broad River. They say they really want the future of these boat landings to be okay and to do that they are looking for as much public comment as possible.

“We’re trying to come up with a 10-year master plan on how to update, bring new amenities, and meet citizen demand across the county,” said Christopher Ophardt, public information officer. of Beaufort County.

People use these areas for all kinds of outdoor activities, and Ophardt says improving them will help the county’s economy. Thanks to the feedback the county has received so far, there are some things citizens clearly want.

“The biggest issue is parking, they would like to see expanded parking where we can do that at the landing stages, clean areas for boats as salt water can really corrode boats and then also toilets.

So far they have held two such public meetings and three are yet to come. The county also told me it had about 1,000 responses to the online survey, which won’t close for a few weeks.


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