Bali 4.4: Unlimited Syndication Options for Boating


The Yacht Share Mariner team specializes in the syndicated ownership and management of private pleasure yachts.

We had an excellent reception and I have no doubts that our new Bali 4.4 will have its eight owners before it arrives in Australia next July. It will be on display at the Sydney International Boat Show, then travel to Airlie Beach where it will operate from the Dream Yacht Charter base at Coral Sea Marina.

Main cabin Bali 4.4. Photo – Bali 4.4

The details of our share offering are as follows:

  • A 1/8e share in the Bali 4.4. You will have 42 days of access each year.
  • Shareholders will enjoy the three cabin owner’s configuration on a brand new yacht, the luxury of full air conditioning and a private bathroom.
  • The service is walk-in, so there is no work for you and you won’t waste a minute of your browsing time.
  • Our 1/8e The share offer is $ 205,000 if accepted by December 1, 2021. An ex-works price increase is pending.

As a shareholder, you may want to make the trip north from Sydney on the Bali 4.4 yourself, at a leisurely pace. There are also future options to have her relocated to other perfect cruising grounds.

Aerial view of Pittwater.
Take a cruise to Pittwater.
Aerial view of the Whitsundays.
Explore the Whitsundays on the Bali 4.4.

For example:

  • The yacht can spend summers in Sydney / Pittwater cruising Sydney Harbor and Pittwater.
  • It could also settle in New Caledonia for a season so that shareholders can enjoy a cruise in the world’s largest tropical lagoon. In New Caledonia, it would operate from the Dream Yacht Charter base in Noumea, closer to Sydney than to Hamilton Island.
  • We can also have the Bali delivered to Hamilton Island so shareholders can sail our own beautiful Whitsundays.
Aerial view of the Isle of Pines.
It is possible to stay on the boat at Isle of Pines.

Bali 4.4 Synthesis of the Syndicate

If you would like to see the detailed union dossier for the Bali 4.4, please email or call Trevor Joyce, Founder of Yacht Share Mariner. E-mail [email protected], mobile 0412 295 656, phone 02 9966 1244.

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