Aspen Divers: Backcountry Hunters & Anglers Fly Fishing 101

Christina Medved, Director of Community Outreach for the Roaring Fork Conservancy right, walks participants through the life cycle of insects that fish feed on.
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On Monday, Gianetti’s Trout Creek Ranch in Carbondale hosted the first Backcountry Hunters and Anglers Fly Fishing 101 event. It was part of BHA’s Women in the Woods campaign, a program to introduce women to traditionally reserved outdoor sports. to men.

Presenters included entomologist Christina Medved, director of Community Outreach for the Roaring Fork Conservancy; Kendall Bakich, CPW aquatic biologist for the Roaring Fork, Eagle and Middle Colorado watersheds; Lani Kitching, owner and guide of local company Proudline Guided Fishing; Shannon Outing, accomplished photographer and fishing guide for Taylor Creek; and Bob Shettel, local representative of Backcountry Hunters and Anglers.

Participants learned the details of the life cycle of the insects trout feed on, general aquatic conservation and how to handle fish, how to assemble their gear and, of course, how to cast flies. All of this was followed by several hours of actual fishing in the ponds and streams of Trout Creek Ranch, with several of the participants hooking up some of the lunkers that populate Gianetti’s ponds and streams. Building on the success of this event, BHA plans to repeat the experience next summer.

Shannon Outing, left, Lani Kitching, middle, and Kendall Bakich, CPW aquatic biologist, talk about the ethics of waterways.
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Shannon Outing, with outstretched arms, demonstrates how to tie a basic knot, and Lani Kitching, in a red hat, hands out flies to attendees to tie to their tippets.
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