An off-the-beaten-path design for fishing rods is about to change the way the world fishes


The award-winning designer and inventor says they’ve been making fishing rods wrong all along.

SAN DIMAS, Calif., April 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Traditional fishing rods are easy to identify. They are straight, slender and tapering from stem tip to tip. A reel holds the fishing line and is located near the stern. Over the years, innovations have mostly been limited to the strength of the line and the material that makes up the stick. However, Chi Huynh, American inventor and award-winning designer, has spent the past ten years flipping the idea of ​​the fishing rod. The problem, as many have discovered, is that the straight fishing rod requires you to hold the rod in a way that fits your wrist and puts significant pressure on a joint that is much less supported by the musculature of the body than say, the elbow or shoulder, much better suited for carrying and handling larger weights. In this case, the unnatural design of traditional fishing rods forces tension and stress on the wrists, hands and tendons, which can lead to nerve compression syndrome, numbness and pain in the joints, shoulders and the trapezius muscles.

Due to this obvious drawback, Huynh has completely redesigned the traditional rod design. By creating an upside-down U-bend where the angler’s grip would be, the design innovation moves the arm into a more natural position and allows the butt of the rod to rest comfortably against the forearm and the elbow. This wrist-to-elbow weight transfer gives the user eight times the automatic leverage advantage of relying solely on the wrist to get the job done. The result is an ergonomic fishing solution that is more comfortable, gentler on the body and less tiring than a traditional rod. In short, this results in a more enjoyable fishing experience and allows the owner to catch more fish than they otherwise could.

The design and patent would be enough for most inventors, but Huynh is an accomplished designer and deeply invested in the look and quality of the rod. The grip is accentuated by an intricate snakehead design that appears to attack and swallow the rod whole, a design flair that warns the fish to “watch out, this perch is biting back”. The design leans on the sleek snake design and covers the entire upper in a snakeskin pattern. This gorgeous design is already begging the rest of the fishing world to rethink the aesthetics of the sport, but that’s certainly not the end of Huynh’s design prowess. Using the highest quality carbon fiber and Alconite ceramic guides, the pole itself has a strong backbone that allows it to outperform its weight class many times over. What is often labeled as an 8-12 pound weight rod easily pulls 20-30 pound fish, which is easily demonstrated on several videos on

The design, beauty and quality of the material are measured successes in design, but the DavinChi cane has one last trick up its sleeve. Secured in the stock of the rod is a high quality Damascus steel knife, easily accessible by unscrewing the end of the rod. In times when a knife is required on the fly, the DavinChi cane offers a simple, elegant and high quality solution easily accessible to the owner.

The Davinchi rod comes with a lifetime warranty and is available for sale at, where first time users can get an exclusive $100 discount by joining the DavinChi rod community. In this community, buyers are welcome to share their DavinChi rod catches with the rest of the community for an additional $50 discounts for a total of $150 in savings. The exclusive first series of DavinChi rods will go quickly, so buyers who miss the opportunity are encouraged to pre-order the next series at this introductory price.

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