After undergoing numerous surgeries, Hulk Hogan once showed ‘the biggest back in the world’ on social media


Hulk Hogan had a long career in professional wrestling and dealt with injuries throughout his career. The most notable injury the Hulkster ever suffered was to his back. Although he injured other parts of his body, the most troublesome thing was his back.


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Hogan is one of the wrestlers who has been sliced ​​and diced multiple times in his life. This is due to the price he has taken on his body during all those years of competing in the ring.


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A few years ago, Hulk Hogan shared a photo showing his back after surgery. In this photo, you can see the area where doctors cut open the Hulkster’s back.

Hogan, in his post, wrote a line from his promo at WrestleMania 4 before going to face Andre the Giant. He wrote, “All the little hulkamaniacs can ride the biggest back in the world and I’ll make them paddle safely bro!!”

Additionally, we can see the “IMMORTAL” tattoo on his back that he got around 2011. Also, a few years ago, Hogan appeared for an interview on Fox News Objectified. There, he told host Harvey Levin that he was initially almost 6’8″ tall and was now 6’4″ after all surgery.

The WWE Hall of Fame said: “I’ve had 17 surgeries in the last 10 years,” Hogan said… “My knees are fake, my hips are fake, my back is full of metal, and part of my face is full of metal. didn’t get the fake wrestling memo”

Also, Hogan showed teeth marks on his finger, the result of a wrestling match from decades ago. Obviously, The Hulkster went all-in to give all of his Hulkamaniacs a great show, so they could go home happy to see their hero win.

Hulk Hogan didn’t know pro wrestling was predetermined!

Hulk Hogan is a 40-year veteran in the trade, but initially he never wanted to be a wrestler. He wanted to pursue music, but when his friends started leaving the band, he ended up choosing to struggle. However, he was a fan of the company and thought it was all real (screenplay).

During his appearance on Objectified, Hogan said: “I was a huge fan. I mean, I loved it and grew up watching it.


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When did Hulk Hogan start wrestling?

3 months ago

He added, “I had a really good group, and just when we were ready to hit the road, one was getting married, a guy’s wife had a baby and nobody wanted to go. I said, that there it is, I’m done, I’m going to become a wrestler.


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The Immortal recalled breaking his ankle on the first day of practice. However, he had the determination to become a wrestler, and he did. Additionally, Hogan recalled that he didn’t really like contact sports, and to this day, he didn’t have an answer as to why he liked wrestling.

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