12 Honolulu divers cited for lack of required equipment, over 2 dozen undersized fish


HONOLULU (KHON2) – Officers with the Conservation and Resource Enforcement Division of DLNR (DOCARE) have cited 12 divers from Honolulu for possessing more than two dozen undersized fish and not disposing of the equipment required.

Officials said six men were cited at Kahala Beach, and six other men were also cited at Kahana Bay on Saturday, October 23. Those who dive at night must have an illuminated diver’s flag, as well as knowledge of fishing regulations.

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At around 7.15pm on Saturday, a DOCARE officer noticed diving lights near the western end of Kahana Bay. Divers in that area emerged from the water around 8:30 p.m., officials said. An officer then inspected the catch of the nine divers present and discovered that six of them had too small a kala.

Authorities also reported that a one-pound octopus was released into the water and that the six men named were due in court on December 23.

The second incident took place around 11 p.m. when DOCARE officers spotted lights in the water off Wailupe Beach Park in eastern Oahu. Officers followed the divers to Kahala Beach and waited for them to return ashore.

Six men have been cited for not having the required illuminated dive flags, as well as for possession of several regulated and unregulated fish, including more than two dozen undersized kala.

All six divers have court appearances scheduled for January 2022, and all of the men named have been trained in fishing and diving regulations.

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DOCARE urges those who witness fishing and diving violations to call 643-DLNR or through the DLNRTip app.

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