10 important tips from the Water Sports Foundation to keep boaters safe in this busy 2022 boating season


– Memorial Day is the traditional launch of seasonal boating activity –

ORLANDO, Florida., May 4, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — With a 35% increase in the number of new boat owners and 415,000 new boaters navigating the waterways since 2020, boating participation will reach historic participation levels this summer, says the executive director of the Water Sports Foundation jim emmons.

With the Memorial Day holiday traditionally serving as the kickoff to summer boating activity, Emmons says the Water Sports Foundation is taking a proactive approach to promoting safe boating strategies ahead of the busy season.

“Especially with so many new boaters gearing up for a season of fun activity on our nation’s congested waterways, we felt it was important to share these tips to keep boaters safe and alert this year. “Emmons said.

#1 – Take a boating safety course or refresher
The Water Sports Foundation recently reported a surge in online education Water Sports Foundation reports pandemic spike in online boater education – Water Sports Foundation with many security organizations now offering virtual training options in addition to traditional live teaching. In many states, new boaters are required to take mandatory boater education courses, but there are now a host of new online and hybrid courses also available on a variety of boating topics and for all ages. skill levels, through public and private providers.

“Whether it’s a seasoned skipper or new to boating, everyone can benefit from a boating safety course, especially when it’s just a click away,” said Emmons. For a list of educational resources, see the National Boating Safety Media Resource Center: Water Safety Education – Water Sports Foundation

#2 – Buckle up!
According to the US Coast Guard, drowning is the cause of death in 79% of fatal boating accidents where the cause of death was known; 86% of these drowning victims were not wearing life jackets. To maximize safety, ensure everyone on board has been properly outfitted with a US Coast Guard approved life jacket and is wearing it while underway.

#3 – Appoint a sober skipper
The US Coast Guard reports that alcohol consumption is the biggest known contributing factor in fatal boating accidents. In fact, when the primary cause was known, it was the primary factor in 23% of deaths.

“For the safety not only of your crew, but also of others sharing the waterways, we recommend that you completely avoid alcohol while sailing, or at the very least the driver should commit to being a skipper. sober,” Emmons said. Video: Designated Sober Captain – Family – Water Sports Foundation

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About the Water Sports Foundation
Based at Orlando, Floridathe Water Sports Foundation (WSF) is the non-profit educational arm of the Water Sports Industry Association (WSIA.net). WSF national public relations outreach, including this press release, is produced through a grant from the Sport Fish Restoration and Boating Trust Fund, administered by the U.S. Coast Guard.

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